Bridging the innovation gap in the financing ecosystem

Dan Everard
October 24, 2022

At Moneyflow we proudly pursue the ultimate customer experience. Our product, design and engineering teams work hard every day to ensure that we meet customers' financing needs at the most relevant time in their daily lives.

We are mindful of the fact that our customers typically don't see finance or accounting as their primary focus, and therefore we want to provide flexible financing, at a fair price, without introducing additional apps, tools or accounting overhead into their lives.

Incumbent players in the financial services industry have their respective niches. They are often somewhat entrenched. Competitive fears and market positioning “plays” work to the detriment of the customer because everybody is fighting for the customer’s attention - who should own the customer interface?

Embedded finance players such as Moneyflow leverage technology to bridge the gap between incumbents to unlock value for the customers and the broader ecosystem.

Embedded finance players such as Moneyflow leverage technology to bridge the gap between incumbents to unlock value for the customers and the broader ecosystem. We are not battling for the customers' precious time. We are working to, for example, make accounting play nice with financing - to the benefit of the customer, the funding partner and the distribution partner.

Technology is at the heart of this approach. Armed with a deep understanding of the ecosystem in which we are participants, our technology and product teams consider the needs and constraints of every actor involved in the process of funding, processing and distributing our financing products. It is key to, for example, build APIs to service each player in this ecosystem, enabling reliable, flexible interactions on our platform. This approach not only benefits our partners and customers, it also ensures we have the right foundation in place to broaden our product suite to meet the needs of the ecosystem.

As we have grown our business, we have gaining insights into the dynamics of the market which are both surprising and an opportunity for us to further contribute to the overall health of the financial marketplace. For example, by providing alternatives to financing from banks, we have discovered that our role as intermediary in the ecosystem also establishes a trust "firewall" between the places where a customer manages the gritty details of their financial reality, and the lenders who they rely upon for their financing needs. In this role as intermediary we can be trusted to utilise the growing body of data we have at our disposal to ensure a fair and efficient interaction between all parties, increasing trust in the system as a whole. This insight has driven our focus on developing a more platform-centric strategy, enabled by the technology behind our core financing products.

Technology is an incredible tool which we can apply to solve real problems for customers. On the flip side, technology, deployed naively, can also cripple businesses as they try to scale and adapt to the market. By using robust engineering and architectural practices, we at Moneyflow believe we can transform the financing landscape for small businesses, with technology that enables us to both scale and navigate the market landscape to meet our customers' needs.

Image credit: Sara Gangsted

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