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Recurring revenue paid out up front

We assess your recurring revenue and pay it out up front as funding for your growth. Sign up now to get an offer

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Why rethinking funding is crucial for the future of startups

We are on a mission to get people paid. Smart, fast and easy. That means without administrative nightmares, endless resources spent on fundraising, and countless months and years of waiting.

Wanting to scale fast and succeed in a fast and interchanging industry, the future of startups, and notably IT businesses, can't depend on the old school way of fundraising. We are here to solve that.

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Hvorfor vores revenue funding er så smart

Smart funding within 24 hours

Receive your funding within just 24 hours. Applying is easy, smart, and doesn’t take more than minutes

Scale fast and support your growth

Don’t wait for half a year getting paid for the results of your hard work - get it paid out up front and scale fast

Raise up to €5 million

We support your growth by paying out up to €5 million up front. We think that’s the smart way of raising funds

No dilution

Avoid decreasing the value of your shares by opening up for investors too soon. Get access to your future revenue with no dilution

Automated bank integration

Automatically link your bank account to always stay on top and receive continuous monthly funding

Dedicated receivables account

Get a dedicated receivables account for a frictionless and fully automatic payments process

Meet the growing team behind Moneyflow

Everything we do is based on our mission to get people paid. Smart, fast, and easy

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