Invoice funding

Gain greater financial control

Receive payment instantly on invoices and avoid long payment terms

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How it works

Receive instant payment on invoices

When you send your invoice with Moneyflow, you will receive payment within two hours. Instead of waiting several months to receive your payment from your customer, we will transfer the money to your bank immediately.

Moneyflow also handles any potential payment follow up with your customer, so that you don’t have to worry about sending reminders and can instead focus solely on running and growing your business.

Gain more control over your cash flow today, and save endless amount of waiting time on payments.

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How much is paid out?

The payout amount varies depending on your customer’s accounting history, the invoice and credit evaluation. Every time you make an invoice we will give a price instantly. Here is just an example:

Invoice amount
100 kr.
250.000 kr.
Invoice amount
8 days
90 days
Payout range (incl. VAT)

Customer with lots of accounting history and good credit rating

Customer with little accounting history and poor credit rating

User friendly, embedded integrations

Use our service where you already handle your invoices. Choose your accounting platform below and become a part of a network of more than 80% of all Danish companies.

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Our own embedded solution for users of other platforms


Why get your invoice funded?

Instant payment of invoices

Take back the control of when you get paid, and receive money for your invoices only two hours after you send them.

No subscription cost

Sign up and start receiving offers, completely free. You only pay for the service on the invoices you use it on.

Up to 5 million DKK in credit

Receive funding for invoices of a value of up to 5 million DKK per month.

Accept long payment terms

Maintain a good relationship with your customers by accepting their long payment terms without worrying.

Flexibility and control

Continuously assess your need for cash flow, and only use Invoice funding when it suits your current situation.

No payment administration

Save endless hours of administration by outsourcing the payment follow-up process of late or absent payments.

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What do our customers say?

Does it affect my customers?

Same invoice layout, just extra information

In order to offer the service we legally take ownership of the invoice. But your invoice remains basically the same, we just add an owner transfer notice and change the payment bank information.

Moneyflow is approved by 

Danish FSA