Get paid right away, directly inside your accounting platform.

How it works

One seamless swipe
  • Create an invoice in your accounting platform.
  • Receive an instant offer from us to finance your invoice.
  • When you accept the offer, we will verify the invoice and send you the money.
Instant invoice funding
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Flexibility and control
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Improved cashflow
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Up to 5 million DKK in credit
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Instant invoice funding
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Flexibility and control
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Improved cashflow
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Up to 5 million DKK in credit
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We are integrated in key invoicing platforms

Our partner platforms

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How much is paid out?

The payout amount varies depending on your customer’s accounting history, the invoice and credit evaluation. Every time you create an invoice, we will give you an offer instantly.

Example invoice

Invoice amount

50.000 DKK

Payment terms

30 days

Payout range (incl. VAT)

48.750 DKK

Customer with a long accounting history and good credit rating.

47.500 DKK

Customer with little accounting history and poor credit rating.

The benefits

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Instant payment of invoices

Regain control of when you get paid. Receive money for your invoices, usually within a few hours.

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Accept long payment terms

Maintain a good relationship with your customers by accepting their long payment terms without worries.

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No payment administration

Save hours of administration by outsourcing the payment follow-up process of late or missing payments.

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Flexibility and control

Continuously assess your need for cash flow, and use Invoice Funding when it suits your current situation.

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No subscription cost

Sign up and start receiving offers. You only pay for the service on the invoices you use it for.

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No more chasing of your payment

We will take over the entire process of collecting the payment from your customer.

It seems completely surreal that two minutes after having sent a customer invoice, I have the money in my account. It actually says within two hours. Their automation is SO well done that everyone can figure it out. I just have to press the "money button" in e-conomic and the rest will happen by itself. Really nice work by the Moneyflow team. This is a solution that can make lots of business owners happy. At least I'm MEGA impressed.

Frederik Sandgrav
Sandgrav Solutions
Quotation mark

We settle almost all our purchases on a daily basis. It gives us the opportunity to obtain better prices from suppliers to benefit our customers and our competitiveness. We spend virtually no time on charges anymore - we just stay informed about the course. This means that we can now focus on developing our business and focus on becoming even better at our business.

Jens Prital
Neptun Seafood
Quotation mark

MoneyFlow is a great service above other competitors in the market when it comes to comfort of use. We were surprised how easy and quick it was to get an overview of the potential payout while using e-conomic accounting system. We were very impressed with the speed of response and nice service. MoneyFlow provides an additional level of financial stability for the company as there is an option to choose to get paid on demand. This allows us to feel more secure taking up projects with longer payment terms and thus opens new market possibilities which were too risky for us before.

Mantas Mačėnas
LT Consult
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