We help you and your customers get ahead

We help you and your customers grow. Becoming our partner means we join forces. You can offer customers flexibility, liquidity and less hassle. We offer fully embedded services in your platform with an easy integration. While we handle the invoices, both you and your customer gets paid. It’s seamless, smooth and embedded in your system.

We understand the challenges of running a business

Running a business is hard. We are here to make it easier. We challenge traditional financing with digital technology and online solutions with a high degree of flexibility and ease of use.


"We founded Moneyflow because we believe people and businesses should be paid when they want and when they need it. With Moneyflow you get paid right after you have earned it. It’s your money, so why should you wait?"

Kim Ulf Rehfeld Thoden, Founder and CEO

New services for your customers

We are a tech company, just as much as a financial services company. We strive to maintain transparency in everything we do. We believe that funding can be done easier and more frictionless.

Since 2018 we are offering platforms value adding services reaching millions of  customers.

Interested in partnering up?

Our products are embedded in your platform

We provide an embedded financial service to both short and long term funding needs, as well as for one-man companies to scale-up businesses.

Revenue Funding
  • A financial service inside your platform that offers your customers up to 5 million DKK in funding.
  • Give your customers the opportunity to grow without the help from traditional bank loans or giving up equity.
  • Offer your customers a dedicated receivables account for a frictionless and fully automatic payments process.
  • Your customers can automatically link their bank account to receive continuous monthly funding.
Invoice Funding
  • One embedded widget in your platform give your customers the possibility to swipe and get paid directly for their invoice.
  • Give your customers more freedom as they are able to extend their payment terms etc.
  • Increase your customers cashflow.
  • Help your customers save hours of administration by outsourcing the payment follow-up process to us.

So embedded that we're almost invisible.

We partner up with trusted platforms that are already used by millions. Together we create seamless services right at your fingertips. Applying takes minutes thanks to our advanced technology.

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